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Minnesota Nutrient Deficiency Data by County 

Farmers Saw Nutrient Deficiency Trends in 2016

WinField ™ United collected nearly 3,000 corn samples from across Minnesota for analysis in 2016, with common nutrient deficiency trends showing up across the state. More than 80 percent of analyzed samples showed low zinc, while 68 percent of samples were deficient or responsive in boron and/or potassium. A majority of the samples were also low in manganese.
Plant nutrient deficiencies can change throughout the season, depending on growth stage and environmental conditions. Analysis of five years of tissue sampling results suggest that corn farmers should be aware of the following common deficiencies in Minnesota by growth stage:
  • V5–V8: Zinc and boron
  • V9–V14: Nitrogen, potassium, sulfur and zinc
  • V15–VT: Nitrogen, potassium and sulfur
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